Best B.Tech College in Faridabad

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a Bachelor of Engineering degree awarded after a candidate has a four-year degree in this field. Engineering is one of India’s most popular career options, and there are many institutions offering majors to aspiring students, but we have to choose one, best B.Tech college in Faridabad. 

The most common B.Tech entrance exams are JEE Main and JEE Advanced for entrance exams. In addition to these national-level entrance exams, students can take many state and private level entrance exams to enroll in the course. B.Tech’s essential admission criteria are 12th grade in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, all entrance exams and all laboratories have additional criteria. Some laboratories also enroll in courses based on their benefits. Based on the grades achieved by the candidate in the 12th-grade board exam.

Before deciding on a university, you need to determine what engineering department to pursue. This is a crucial step. Check out the different streams for more information on the various courses.

After making that decision, the next step is to select the other three engineering streams to resolve if you are not qualified or cannot get the specified stream. It is good to divide the chosen university into three groups. The first group should include top universities that are difficult to enroll in. The second group can consist of above-average universities, relatively easily accessible, and those who enjoy attending without regrets. 

The last category should be one you can enroll in if the other university you consider fails. It may be helpful to classify in this way. You can also categorize by different criteria such as distance from home, affordability, and look and feel.

Best College in Faridabad – ACEM

Established in the year 2008, ACEM recognize as the best B.Tech college in Faridabad and research through targeted, effective, and sustainable efforts and programs. The primary purpose of the institute is to provide students with excellent technical and administrative education.

ACEM is promoted by Mr. Dhan Singh Bhadana, a visionary educator who is also the president of Aravali Eduworld, including bouquets of international schools such as Aravali International School, Aravali Institute of Technology, Aravali Institute of Competition, and Aravali College of Advanced Research in Education.

At ACEM, we understand that education is a lifelong process that is impossible without the support of society, management, and students. Our motto is to provide an exceptional education to our students. 

Aravali Institute of Technology always strives to create and maintain a niche for quality education. Value-oriented holistic education in the fields of engineering and business science. In this way, we meet the urgent national need to provide India with ambitious engineers and managers ready to use in the industry. The student community, including alumni, will be brand ambassadors for the university.

Our philosophy at ACEM is to address the core issues of education at two levels. First and foremost, the main focus of education is to support the overall development of an enlightened individual and patriotic citizen with a keen desire for lifelong learning and to create a high level of interdisciplinary awareness. 

At the same time, efforts must be made to teach skills with general and realistic contextual knowledge so that students can be accepted into the right work or engage in meaningful entrepreneurship. Students must understand the dignity of their work and respect their integrity, integrity, and loyalty to the organization in all professional efforts.

We are committed to providing quality education that transforms students into responsible, confident, and confident future citizens. In all its forms, diversity and its inclusion are highly valued and celebrated in Aravali.

Why ACEM is best?

Placement Support

The center encourages institute students to visit the industry and arranges industrial issues for students to work on as part of the project. We also accept suggestions from industry members regarding curriculum design/modification.

Students face two critical issues when preparing for an internship and an internship. It is unaware of the various career paths and lacks interpersonal or social skills. Students are often unable to express themselves in group discussions and interviews, and as with such a selection process, the less expressive they are, the less impressive they are.


Established in the year 2008, Aravali Institute of Technology aims to be one of the top institutions in the country in engineering education and research. Through targeted, effective, and sustainable efforts and programs. The primary purpose of the institute is to provide quality technical and management education. Part of his vision is to educate poor and economically disadvantaged people to promote their participation and development in society. To this end, various awards and programs are offered by the university.

Wi-Fi Campus

The campus is fully WiFi-enabled due to the considerable cost of the internet.

College Library

The air-conditioned Central Library is a large and comfortable space with an extensive collection.


AC hostel for boys and girls on campus. A 24-hour power supply with excellent security is a plus point of the hostel. The hostel has wireless internet facilities. The hostel’s standard room has facilities for watching TV, reading magazines, playing games, and playing sports.

Seminar Hall

The institute has the proud feature of maintaining a well-equipped seminar room with the latest audiovisual equipment.


The classroom is modeled after a lecture room with state-of-the-art digital classrooms for the most appropriate educational environment.


The sports complex has a multipurpose hall for indoor games, a cement cricket pitch, a soccer field, a cricket field, and a 200-meter athletics field.

Central Computing Facility

A fully air-conditioned computer center is equipped with the latest computer systems: workplace, multimedia, and internet equipment.

Counseling Service

Free personal advice for those who have mental problems or difficulties in their personal lives.


The well-equipped modern on-site gym features weightlifting and cardio equipment.


Aravali is located a bit aside from city in lush greenery nature, where you can listen the natural chirping of birds, peacock and enjoy the polluted-free environment. Click here to watch our lush green campus.

Courses offered

Computer science and engineering

Pursue B.Tech in computer science and engineering from best B.Tech college in Faridabad. This undergraduate program promises a wealth of opportunities for today’s supersonic generation.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is equipped with the best intellectual, capital, and state-of-the-art laboratories. The main focus is to provide students with the latest technology available to keep students up to date with new trends in this area.

This department has experienced faculty members with PhDs and has published in national and international journals. We have created highly competent and socially conscious IT professionals with a vision of “developing into an outstanding center for computer science and engineering education and research” through academic excellence, collaborative research, and value-added courses. 

Computer Science (Artificial Learning & Machine Learning)

ACEM – one of the best B.Tech college in Faridabad offers B- Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Learning and Machine Learning). This undergraduate program of advanced learning solutions introduces acquaintances with advanced inventions such as machine learning, often called deep learning or artificial intelligence.

This program explores AI techniques based on various disciplines such as neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining and handles machine learning problems and solutions in an integrated manner.

Computer science includes an artificial intelligence course that teaches how to distinguish human behavior from computers. Once accepted by the Aravali College of Engineering and Management, CSE (AI & ML) offers a specially curated program that includes problem-solving, computer vision, machine learning, and reasoning.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most prominent, broadest, and oldest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers use these core concepts with tools such as computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management to design, analyze, and manufacture equipment.

The Faculty of Engineering held various seminars for students from time to time to maintain the students’ overall progress. Based on overall student performance/growth. Aravali Engineering College is ranked as one of the best B.Tech college in Faridabad.

Mechanical engineering is the art and science of designing, developing, and controlling systems and components such as fluid mechanics, material science, thermodynamics, and kinematics. The main characteristics of this profession are its breadth, flexibility, and personality.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The primary purpose of the B.Tech (ECE) program at Aravali Institute of Technology, one of the top Electronics and Communication Engineering Colleges in Faridabad .Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with communication equipment such as electronic devices, circuits, transmitters, receivers, and integrated circuits (ICs). It also covers basic electronics, analog and digital transmission and reception of data, audio and video (AM, FM, DTH, etc.), microprocessors, satellite communications, microwave engineering, antennas, and wave development., is to provide students with the core competencies needed to pursue a long-term engineering /entrepreneurial career after graduation. Be successful at B.Tech and prepare to pursue PG research and research as a career opportunity.

It aims to deepen students’ knowledge and skills in basic concepts and theories that enable professional work in electronics and communications engineering, including analysis, system implementation, operation, manufacturing, and maintenance of various applications.

Civil Engineering

ACEM’s Faculty of Civil Engineering and its diverse faculties continue to maintain strong ties with the infrastructure industry and academic research institutes at home and abroad. In addition to quality education, he is the top civil engineering department of Delhi NCR, actively involved in basic and applied research and consulting, providing quality technical consultant support to different organizations through various R & D projects and consulting.

Civil engineering is today’s premier specialist dealing with the design, construction, and maintenance of physically and naturally constructed environments, including work on roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewers, pipelines, railroads, etc. It is one of the engineering fields. Civil engineering is today’s premier specialist dealing with the design, construction, and maintenance of physically and naturally constructed environments, including work on roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewers, pipelines, railroads, etc. It is one of the engineering fields.

This four-year course is divided into eight semesters, each semester lasting six months. Students need to face separate theoretical subjects in different semesters and hands-on laboratory sessions and practicals.

Since the third semester, the project has been part of the B.Tech Civil Engineering Program and helps students gain hands-on experience. ACEM’s Civil Engineering Program, one of Faridabad’s premier civil engineering colleges, provides theoretical and practical knowledge of the planning, design, and construction of various structures.


Q1. What are the procedures for enrolling directly in the Aravali Institute?

  • Candidates must complete the online application form on the Aravali Institute’s website. 
  • You need to check the documents. 
  • Courses and branches are assigned to candidates based on merit/exam/location availability. 
  • Payment of university tuition for assigned courses and departments.

Q2. How are the teachers at ACEM? 

Teachers are very qualified and devoted. They have done some notable work and are Ph.D. holders.

Q3. What are the facilities offered by ACEM?

  • Gym
  • WIFI Campus
  • College Library
  • Hostel
  • Seminar Hall
  • Sports 
  • E- Classrooms

Q4. Does ACEM offer scholarships to deserving students?

ACEM offers scholarships to deserving students based on our scholarship criteria. Last academic year, we gave out scholarships worth INR 95,00,000. 

Q5. Does ACEM offer placements to their B Tech graduates?

Yes, we offer complete placement support to our graduates. 

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