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Engineering is the design, testing, and construction of machines, structures, and processes using mathematics and science. It is one of the most popular and successful career options for students. Our country is home to some of the best engineering colleges in the world. A degree in the field of engineering can lead to a rewarding career. And, if you are looking for best engineering college in Faridabad, your search ends here. 

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Best Engineering College in Faridabad – Aravali Institute of Technology

Established in 2008, Aravali Institute of Engineering is one of the best engineering college in Faridabad. At ACEM, our primary purpose is to provide excellent technical and management education to students across India. 

Our institute is backed and promoted by our visionary educationalist, the chairman of Aravali Eduworld, Mr. Dhan Singh Bhadana. Mr. Bhadana’s vision is to provide students with quality education, enable them to succeed and excel in their chosen career development areas, and stand out as an excellent example of excellence in education. This vision has helped us become the best engineering colleges in Faridabad.

ACEM is committed to providing quality education that transforms students into responsible, confident, and confident citizens of the future. In all its forms, diversity and its inclusion are highly valued and celebrated in Aravali.

Part of our vision at ACEM is to educate poor and economically disadvantaged people to promote their participation and development in society. To this end, various awards and programs are offered by the college.

At ACEM, you can explore various targeted, effective, and sustainable programs, making us one of the best engineering college in Faridabad

Aravali Institute of Technology always strives to create and maintain a niche for value-oriented holistic education in engineering and business science. We focus on the overall development of our students. We encourage you to explore this unique and fulfilling field of study and pursue your dream of becoming both an achiever and a good citizen.

About Aravali Eduworld Group

Aravali Eduworld is a thriving group of educational institutions, including Aravali International School, Aravali Institute of Competitive Studies, Aravali College of Advanced Studies in Education, Aravali College of Engineering and Management, and Aravali Request Pvt.

The ACEM Vision

We believe that education is an ongoing process that requires the support of society, management and students. Our motto is to provide the best education, raise each child comprehensively, and grow into a learner with a good, resilient and passionate personality.

Why is ACEM best?

We impart high-quality education supplemented with the latest infrastructure since it gives us a chance to exploit future opportunities. ACEM focuses on, and we know we can make it a big success story by putting the right people on the job. Our focus is on providing a balanced education that encompasses the tradition of ethics and the needs of a changing world.

We offer courses across engineering and management. 

Computer science and Engineering

Aravali Institute of Technology in Faridabad offers B.Tech in computer science and engineering. This undergraduate program promises a wealth of opportunities for today’s supersonic generation. 

Students need to face separate theoretical subjects and hands-on laboratory sessions and workshops during the four-year undergraduate course. Computer Science Engineering (CSE) covers a variety of computational subjects such as algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware analysis.

The Computer Science and Engineering department is equipped with the best intellectual, capital, and state-of-the-art laboratories. The main focus is to provide students with the latest technology available to keep students up to date with new trends in this area.  

Our experienced faculty has a Ph.D. and has been published in national and international journals. We have created highly competent and socially conscious IT professionals with a vision of “developing into an outstanding center for computer science and engineering education and research” through academic excellence, collaborative research, and value-added courses. 

In addition to knowledge and skills, the department-run association program aims to foster a comprehensive personality by instilling values ​​such as integrity, integrity, team spirit, and vibrant work culture. The Aravali College of Engineering and Management has established itself as one of the best colleges in Delhi / NCR to enable students to realize their potential in this ever-growing field.

Benefits of the Course
  • Ability to design software and hardware systems and processes that meet the required requirements within constraints.
  • Knowledge of statistics and probabilities, including applications in computer science and engineering.
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures. Ability to apply design and development principles when designing software systems.  
  • Knowledge of the concepts of computer programming languages. Problem analysis and solution design. Ability to apply mathematics, computer science theory, and algorithmic principles to the modeling and design of computer-based systems.

Computer science and engineering- AI & ML

We have stepped into the future, and most of us will now have heard of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI refers to machine intelligence programmed to mimic humans and their behavior. This is an imitation of human intelligence for learning and problem-solving. 

On the other hand, machine learning works according to the principles of artificial intelligence. This includes research on computer algorithms that mimic human behavior and automatically improve through experience.

CSE – AI & ML at aravali college

Aravali Institute of Technology Faridabad offers B.Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Learning & Machine Learning). This undergraduate program of advanced learning solutions introduces acquaintances with advanced inventions such as machine learning, often called deep learning or artificial intelligence. , Mediation. 

This discipline aims to enable students to create intelligent machines, software, or applications using an innovative combination of machine learning, analytics, and visualization techniques. A significant area of ​​artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is programming computers to solve specific problems using sample data or experience.

 A system that analyzes past sales data to predict customer behavior (financial management) recognizes faces, and spoken language optimizes robot behavior to complete tasks with minimal resources and cites knowledge. There are already many practical applications based on machine learning.

Computer science includes an artificial intelligence course that teaches how to distinguish human behavior from computers. Once accepted by the Aravali College of Engineering and Management CSE (AI & ML), a specially curated program includes problem-solving, computer vision, machine learning, and reasoning. 

It helps generate tasks such as decision making, visual recognition, and voice recognition on your computer. We promise that you will have solid knowledge and will be able to respond to the industry.

This course will teach computer network database management systems, mining, natural language processing, algorithms, deep learning, compiler design, clustering, and Internet technology. These allow you to develop solutions to your problems in real-time. 

This course prepares the industry by teaching organizations strategies to apply artificial intelligence to improve their work culture and identify opportunities to grow their business.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most prominent, broadest, and oldest engineering disciplines. Engineers use these core concepts with computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management to design, analyze, and manufacture equipment.

Mechanical engineering is the art and science of designing, developing, and controlling systems and components such as fluid mechanics, material science, thermodynamics, and kinematics. The main characteristics of this profession are its breadth, flexibility, and personality. The career path of a mechanical engineer is primarily determined by personal choice. This is a decisive advantage in a changing world. 

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering provides excellent technical and industrial aspects/exposure education. Due to the high academic excellence performance of mechanical engineering students and faculties, ACEM is the best engineering college in Faridabad.

This four-year bachelor’s degree is divided into eight semesters, each lasting six months. Students need to face separate theoretical subjects in different semesters and hands-on laboratory sessions and workshops. Workshops are an integral part of B.E./B.Tech. A mechanical engineering program that helps students gain hands-on experience. Mechanical engineering research revolves around machine and tool design, manufacturing, work, machine parts and structures, and physics concepts. This allows students to come across machine-focused topics.

Course Benefits
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze, design, and improve practical thermal and mechanical systems. 
  • Demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and work well in team-based engineering projects. 
  • A successful entry-level position as a mechanical engineer. 
  • Track professional development, including professional registration as needed. If necessary, successfully carry out your engineering degree and research.

Electronics & Communication

Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with communication equipment such as electronic devices, circuits, transmitters, receivers, and integrated circuits (ICs). It also covers basic electronics, analog and digital transmission and reception of data, audio and video (AM, FM, DTH, etc.), microwave, satellite communications, microwave engineering, antenna, and wave development. It deepens students’ knowledge and skills in basic concepts and theories that enable professional work in analysis, system implementation, operation, manufacturing, and maintenance of various electronic and communications engineering applications. 

The primary purpose of the B.Tech (ECE) program at Aravali Institute of Technology, the best engineering college in Faridabad, is to provide students with the core skills needed to pursue a long-term engineering / entrepreneurial career after graduation. Be successful at B.Tech and prepare to pursue PG research and research as a career opportunity.

As a discipline, ECE focuses on designing the underlying hardware system. The curriculum focuses on applications in critical areas such as telecommunications, energy, and electrical equipment while encouraging the development of skills needed to integrate hardware and software components.

Course Benefits
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze, design, and improve practical hardware systems.
  • Track professional development, including professional registration as needed.
  • If necessary, successfully carry out your engineering degree and research.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is today’s best dealing with the design, construction, and maintenance of physically and naturally constructed environments, including work on roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipelines, railroads, etc. It is one of the specialized engineering fields. Civil engineering is traditionally divided into several sub-disciplines.

ACEM’s Faculty of Civil Engineering maintains strong ties with the infrastructure industry and various academic research institutes worldwide. In addition to quality education, he is the top civil engineering department of Delhi NCR, actively involved in basic and applied research and consulting, providing quality technical consultant support to different organizations through various R & D projects and consulting.

This four-year bachelor’s degree is divided into eight semesters, each semester lasting six months. Students need to face separate theoretical subjects in different semesters and hands-on laboratory sessions and projects. Since the third semester, the project has been part of the B.Tech Civil Engineering Program and helps students gain hands-on experience. ACEM’s Civil Engineering Program, one of Faridabad’s premier civil engineering course, provides theoretical and practical knowledge of various structural planning, design, and construction.

Course Benefits
  • Variety of specialization and career options.
  • Potential high salary jobs and rapid career growth.

What makes ACEM the first choice of students & parents?

  1. State of the art teaching and learning facilities
  2. International training standards in engineering, applied sciences, management, and niche fields.
  3. Regular and timely faculty development programs enhance teaching, learning, and research standards.
  4. Industry faculty exchange program and consultation. 
  5. A platform for life-long learning. 
  6. Lush green pollution-free campus.

Start your journey to excellence with Aravali College of Engineering and Management

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