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The Aravali College of Engineering and Management will always strive to create and sustain a niche for imparting quality; value based holistic education in the fields of engineering and management science. In doing so we will fulfill the most critical national need to provide industry ready, motivated engineers and managers to India Inc. The students' community including the alumni will be the brand ambassadors for the College. These students.

  • Must be industry ready-as they pass out from the College, to propel their personal and professional growth.
  • Be poised for freedom of thought, zeal for lifelong learning.
  • Be capable of formulating their vision, goal and objectives.
  • Must be always competent in their respective fields.
  • Must always strive for holistic growth, focusing on their inner strength and rich national heritage.

To be the best Engineering and management Science College in Haryana, and be amongst the top ten such Colleges in the country by 2025.

Keeping in view our vision and mission our objectives are:

  • To provide state-of-art facilities for teaching and learning process.
  • To provide international-standards training in Engineering, Applied sciences, Management and niche fields of knowledge.
  • To organize faculty development programs to enhance standards of teaching and research
  • Ensure close coordination with industry through faculty - industry exchange program and consultancy
  • Close coordination with other premium institutes in India and abroad.
  • Regular improvement in the quality of education methodologies
  • Provide a platform for lifelong learning.
  • Regular improvement in the quality of education methodologies

Ensure holistic development of student through generating awareness of rich Indian heritage and concern for environment.

Our philosophy at the ACEM is to address the core issue of education at two levels. First and foremost the primary focus of education must be to create high level of multidisciplinary awareness, help in holistic development as an enlightened human being and patriotic citizen with a burning desire for lifelong learning.

Simultaneously we must also strive to impart skills predominant, realistic, contextual knowledge to ensure that the students are accepted in appropriate jobs or can pursue meaningful entrepreneurship. The students must understand the dignity of labor and value honesty, integrity and loyalty to the organization in all their professional endeavors.