Practical and hands-on exposure to business and industry are inherent components of the ACEM student mandate. Both the undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Aravali College of Engineering & Management routinely participate in industry visits throughout the academic term. These destinations, which are usually located suitably for day trips, are carefully chosen by department heads to add relevance and constructive meaning to the effort. While engineering students visit manufacturing and research facilities, management students visit leading multinational corporate to receive nuts-and-bolts exposure to the functioning of big business. Industry visits pave the way for student internships and possible employment once students graduate and are ready to join the rank and file of their respective professions.

Aravali College of Engineering & Technology, Faridabad gives utmost importance to practical exposure and interaction to its budding managers & engineers. For this, eminent speakers from the top industry are invited to impart best educational light and enlighten our students with their ideas and experiences they share with us. The fascinating lectures on various topics boost the confidence of new aspirants as the lectures ends with motivating question and answer sessions. Distinguished guest lecturers speak on various important topics that would prove beneficial for them while choosing the right career paths.

1 B.Tech-ME 28.3.2019 M/s Acro labs pvt ltd Non Destructive Testing
2 B.Tech-Civil 26.3.2019-28.3.2019 Barclay Personality Development
3 Management 27.2/2019 Innolabz Live Internship with new start-ups
4 B.Tech-ECE 27.2/2019 Seminar By Innolabz
5 Management 8.2.2019 Budget Session Interim Budget 2019
6 B.Tech-CSE 6.2.2019 Training Basket Pvt. Ltd CISCO Networking workshop
7 B.Tech-ECE 1.2.2019 Samatrix consulting pvt ltd Artificial intelligence
8 B.Tech-Civil 1.2.2019 Barclay Personality Development
9 Management 1.2.2019 BSE India Investor's Awareness Program
10 B.Tech-ECE 31.1.2019 NSDC Career counselling towards a bright future
11 B.Tech-ECE 31.1.2019 Made easy eductaion pvt ltd How to crack GATE , PSUs , IAS , IES exmas?
12 B.Tech-CSE 31.1.2019 MADE EASY Education Pvt Ltd How to crack Civil Services Exam, Engineering Services Exam, GATE & PSUs
13 B.Tech-CSE 30.1.2019 NSDC Career Counselling Towards a bright future
14 B.Tech-CSE 24.1.2019 EduGrad Data Analytics
15 Management 11.10.2018 Millionminds Start - up talk
16 B.Tech-ECE 11.9.2018 TCSion On java
17 B.Tech-CSE 11.9.2018 TCSion Webinar- Java
18 Management 27.8.2018 GFS Wealth Creator How to create wealth
19 Btech ECE 9.4.2018 Singh Embedded Solutions Advanced Embedded Systems
20 Btech CSE/ECE 14.3.2018 Network Bulls Cisco Networking Workshop
21 Btech CSE 14.3.2018 Cetpa Machine Learning using PYTHON
22 MBA & BBA 14.3.2018 Innolabz Life Skills and Time Management
23 Btech Sem 2 14.3.2018 Innolabz Life Skills
24 Btech/MBA Final Year 24.08.17 Global Talent Track GTT-Barclay's Access to Employment Program
25 Btech 2 and 3 year 22.08.17 Global Talent Track Employability Skills by GTT
26 Btech and MBA 8.03.17 Flarrio Artificial Intelligence
27 BBA and MBA 7.03.17 Brannia Digital Marketing
28 BBA and MBA 20.02.17 Wheebox CII Employability Workshop
29 ECE 11.02.17 Prime Vision Automation Systems , Noida Automation Technologies
30 All Branch 10.02.17 RuralShores Skills Academy Skill set required for building career and life
31 All Branch 3.02.17 AMCAT Employability & AMCAT
32 CSE/ECE 11.11.16 Indovision Services Pvt Ltd Seminar on Job opportunity in information and communication Technology sector
33 CSE/ECE 8.11.16 NIIT LTD Career Opportunities in Digital Transformation
34 B.Tech/MBA Final yr 30.10.16 Time Campus Recruitment Training And Aptitude preparation
35 B.Tech 1st yr 18.10.16 Swan Training How will the students make themselves job ready?
36 ECE 4.10.16 GateForum Analog Electronics
37 CSE 23.09.16 Cyber Cure Technology pvt ltd Ethical Hacking
38 ECE 21.09.16 Prime Vision Automation Solutions, Delhi Solar Energy
39 ECE 6.09.16 Sofcon Training, Noida VERILOG
40 B.Tech/MBA Final yr 6.09.16 R.D. Institute "Attitude" and its relation to success,"What the corporate sector expects out of you".

1 B.Tech-ME 29.6.2019 MPS Engineering works Sector 24,faridabad
2 B.Tech-ME 22.5.2019 Kansal Gears Faridabad
3 B.Tech-ME 16.5.2019 Ronald web offset pvt limited Faridabad
4 B.Tech-Civil 9.3.2019 Habitat 78 Faridpur Fbd
5 B.Tech-ME 9.2.2019 Paragon autotech Bhiwadi,rajasthan
6 Management 22.11.2018 Barclay's Corporate Office Sec 62, Noida
7 Management 16.11.2018 Coca Cola Happiness Factory Greater Noida
8 Management 15.11.2018 Coca Cola Happiness Factory Greater Noida
9 B.Tech-Civil 2.11.2018 Bridge Construction Manjhawali Ghat Fbd
10 B.Tech-Civil 1.11.2018 Bridge Construction Manjhawali Ghat Fbd
11 Management 27.9.2018 Barclay's Corporate Office Sec 62, Noida
12 B.Tech-ECE 1.9.2018 Network bulls Gurgaon
13 Management 9.8.2018 Coca Cola Happiness Factory Greater Noida
14 B.Tech-ME 6.8.2018 3d printer expo pragati maidan Delhi
15 B.Tech-ME 6.4.2018 Bharat Gears Limited Faridabad
16 Btech CSE "24.03.18/ 31.03.18" Network Bulls Gurgaon
17 Btech ECE 17.03.18 Network Bulls Gurgaon
18 B.Tech-ME 12.3.2018 JCB,Faridabad Faridabad
19 Btech ME 24.02.18 Industry Expo Faridabad
20 Btech ME 24.02.18 Consult Technique Pvt Ltd Faridabad
21 Btech CSE 24.02.18 IOT/Convergence 2018 Delhi
22 Btech ECE 24.02.18 IOT/Convergence 2018 Delhi
23 B.Tech-ECE 2.5.2019 Barclays Gurgaon
24 B.Tech-ECE 10.1.2018 Huawei Gurgaon
25 B.Tech-ECE 4.1.2018 ZTE Gurgaon
26 Btech ECE 18.8.2017 Automation Engineers AB pvt ltd Faridabad
27 Btech ECE/CSE 18.3.2017 Huawei Gurgaon
28 ME 18.3.2017 Indo Autotech Limited Faridabad
29 ME (B) 16.3.2017 & 17.3.2017 Imperial Auto Industries ltd Faridabad
30 B.Tech-ME 20.2.2018 Industech industrial expo sector,12 faridabad
31 B.Tech 2nd sem 11.2.2017 Yakult Danone India(P) LTD Sonipat
32 CE 9.2.2017 NCB cement research institute Faridabad
33 Management 5.2.2018 Barclay's Corporate Office Sec 62, Noida
34 ME 4.2.2017 Venus Industrial Corporation Prithla Plant
35 ECE 28.01.2017 INTEX FACTORY Noida
36 BBA/MBA 5.11.16 Yakult Sonipat
37 ME 8.10.2016 RK Profiles Sector 24, Faridabad
38 ECE 17.08.2016 ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd Manesar, Gurgaon