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Computer Science Engineering

What is Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)?

Computer Science is a knowledge area that has helped humanity make tremendous progress in every aspect of life. Today we live in an always connected, everywhere world with our mobile phones. We cannot live without internet in todays time. High precision healthcare equipments have extended our span of life. E-Governance, E-commerce, E-banking allow us to do most our work from home. Space science is able to explore the mars and the moon. Engineering of high precision, intelligent tools and gadgets, using the principles of computer science, has enabled humanity to achieve all these. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), the application of the theory of Computer Science in every aspect of life, has fueled this unprecedented progress over the past 30 years.

Why B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering?

B Tech degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering is a 4 year programme that provokes students to exercise their intelligence to such an extent that they can face the challenge of taking the great achievements of today to a level much beyond what ordinary people can think of. It transforms a class 12th pass-out teenager into a knowledge industry professional thought-leader. Business leaders of IT industry track them down on their own with invitation to join them. Through this programme, students master basic science and mathematics, become deft programmers and ones with skills of modern day technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, big data and analytics, mobile and cloud computing, social networking and IOT. A child is skilled to be a technological visionary for a better tomorrow.


Computer Science and Engineering is the ultimate driver of innovation in all aspects of life. Apart from tremendous prospect in the massive and ever growing knowledge industry spread all over the globe, there is not a single industry that is not on the lookout for a knowledge expert, a B Tech in CSE, for taking that industry to the next level. There is a massive software service industry in India serving global clients, with companies employing 1 to 4 lacs of SW engineers. There are huge numbers of MNCs and Indian SW product companies. They are spread over Delhi-NCR as well as all over India and the world. They are constantly looking for competent Software Engineers, System analysis and SW test engineers. Currently IT and SW industry is desperately looking for engineers with skills in niche technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big-Data & Analytics, Mobile and Cloud Computing and the like. Today a B. Tech in CSE has ample options of working anywhere in India and abroad in his or her area of preference.

Advantage of doing B Tech in CSE from Aravali

A B. Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering need not cost a fortune. While some engineering colleges are cashing in on this tremendous demand for such engineers, at Aravali College of Engineering and Management (ACEM), a student of B Tech in CSE attains a much deeper and wider skill-set at a fraction of price he has to pay elsewhere. This institute runs in a closely-knit family concept. Once a student joins this family, a very motivated and dedicated faculty team makes sure their new family member comes out as the best to challenge his or her peers from elsewhere. Dedicated faculty mentors are assigned for each student to monitor his or her progress. The mentors remain in close touch with the parents sharing his/her progress. The department puts many additional hours, beyond what is mandated by the university, to teach them on niche technologies and programming skills, groom them on soft-skills, makes them participate in outside competitions and industry visits, imparts industry-readiness competencies, transforming the child into a professional for the industry. It nurtures the artistic and cultural aspects of a student through many of its internal societies and fests. Parents remain completely assured that their child is now in a family that will ensure his/her holistic growth towards the best future career path in his/her life.