There are bright career prospects for computer science professionals or software professionals in the recent scenario. Bachelors in Computer Application is a great field to study and if you have an interest in coding, web development, database, etc then you can continue with your interest by opting for Masters in Computer Science or MCA or if you are interested in management you can even opt for MBA.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer applications, you can find a reasonably good start in the Information Technology industry. BCA holders get jobs in IT segments like Software Services, Business Process Management (BPM/BPO), engineering services and computer hardware.

With BCA certification from Top BCA College in Delhi NCR, you’ll be eligible to apply for jobs not only in banking, energy, telecommunications but also in organizations engaged in commercial segments. Since IT professionals are required for running the essential automation in almost all establishments, whether big or small, your chances of landing in an entry-level position within a short period of completing your BCA are also very high.

BCA is one of the trending career options available today. This is because after earning a BCA degree from a reputed Institute, there are a plethora of job opportunities available in the market both in Government as well as Private sector.

BCA Specialization Options

Bachelor in computer science is a vast field and offers a multitude of specializations for students. Some of the popular specializations resulting from a BCA course are:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Internet Technologies
  • Accounting Applications
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Personal Information Management
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Word Processing

These are just some of the specializations popular among students. However, with the rapidly expanding domains in this field, a lot of new specializations are also opening up.
Some popular job profiles for a Bachelors in Computer Application graduate from Best BCA college in Faridabad are: –

System engineer – A system engineer develops, tests and evaluates software, circuits, and personal computer.

Programmer in various software development firms – The duty of programmer is to write code for software. A programmer is primarily working in computer languages such as Assembly, COBOL, C, C++, C#, Java, Lisp, Python, etc.

Web developer – A web developer is a programmer who specializes in the development of worldwide web applications. The role of a web developer is to build and maintain websites. A web developer must have skills in HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. They find good career opportunities in various web designing companies and online digital marketing companies.

Software developer – The sole responsibility of the software developer is to develop software that eases the tasks of the people and enables them to perform work efficiently. A software developer also installs, tests and maintains the software.

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