A recent article published in the Journal of India Business Research by noted professor – Shri Shailendra Narayan Singh from Aravali College of Engineering and Management which is often rated as one of the top BBA college in Delhi NCR and is undoubtedly the best BBA college in Faridabad stated the relevance of a Bachelors in Business Management in today’s corporate world.


Firstly, Professor Shailendra laid stress on how students who come for an MBA or Post Graduate degree with a Bachelors’s in Management have already laid an excellent foundation to understand the core concepts of management and how they are practically applied in the industry. For such students, MBA is only a period of time in which they strengthen their knowledge and practically apply the concepts in the real world scenario via Industry projects, Applied research assignments, and Corporate internships.

Secondly, such students also have more confidence to clear the interviews during job placements as they have dedicated almost 5 years to studying management and are thus in a much more advantageous position to clear Group discussions, one-on-one’s as well as negotiate well during compensation agreements.

However, students taking a BBA admission need to be counseled and further groomed in the process to ensure that they become management professionals in the future and are able to take up the challenges of the corporate world head-on.

Few points which further prove why BBA is a wise choice and is useful in the long run are as follows:

  • Be a Manager early in life
  • Easy access to an MBA degree
  • The strong foundation of understanding management subjects
  • Worldwide acceptance and credibility
  • Can opt for a management career straight after completing your BBA degree!

As it’s normal, the BBA degree offers you a review of the considerable number of subjects identified with Business Administration, so it would be simpler for you to pick which one is your top choice, or basically see how the immense machine of an organization works.

The main regimens disciplines you will cover as a BBA understudy may be:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Strategic Management

Thinking about every one of these angles and doing a touch of soul-looking heretofore, you may locate that a Bachelor’s in Business Administration is the ideal fit for you and your future.


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