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Bachelors of Computer Application

WHY TO TAKE ADMISSION in BCA at Aravali College of Engineering and Management

In India, IT has become the most sought after industry for job and career. Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. With the rapid growth of IT industry in India, the demand of computer professional graduates is increasing day by day.

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the running courses of Aravali College of Engineering and Management. The Computer Sciences department of the ARAVALI College has a curriculum such that the practical applications of the subject are imbibed by each student. Thus, projects, case studies, assignments are given a lot of importance as these nurture the problem solving potential of the students.

The duration of the course is 3 years and divided into 6 semesters. Students are inculcated with essential skills like team-building skills, personality development skills and leadership skills. It comprises of the subjects like database, networking, data structure, core programming languages like C, C++, java and all essential core subjects required in this technical field. You can get a job which requires IT/Programming skills and if you are good in programming then you can develop your own apps for any platform (Android, iOS, Windows) or create your own start-up. You also have an option to pursue MCA/MBAM for masters.

BCA course at Aravali College aims at enabling students to have basic level knowledge of computer science and its various applications both practically and theoretically. There are various options in the IT sector for a BCA graduate. A student can work as a Programmer, System Analyst, Network Designer, Game Developer, Software Engineer, Software Tester, System Administrator, Software Architect and Associate Software Engineer

Aravali college CSE department also conducts some elective courses other than core as per student choice:

1.Cyber and Information Security [Specialization Elective Courses]

2.Introduction to Open Source Technologies-php, MySQL [Specialization Elective Courses]

3.Python Programming [Specialization Elective Courses]

4.Visual .Net Technologies [Specialization Elective Courses]

5.Computer system analyst

6. CSS Framework [Specialization Elective Courses]

7. Unix Operating System and Shell Programming [Core Courses]

8. Image Processing [Specialization Elective Courses]

9. Programming [Specialization Elective Courses]

10. Multimedia, Animation and Gaming Technologies [Specialization Elective Courses]

11. Data Warehousing and Mining [Specialization Elective Courses]

12. Summer Internship - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]

At Aravali College BCA course has increased its demand exponentially because it provides a platform to the students to develop their various kinds of skills. After completion of BCA, student has opportunities to build his/her career in IT sector as software developer, programmer, web Designer and may get good salary package.

Globally, the Information Technology (IT) industry is expected to be the engine for economic growth and social development for a long time to come. The advent of Internet and E-commerce has transformed and revolutionized traditional businesses and is significantly impacting industry, government and the society at large. India is rapidly emerging as one of the top global powerhouses in the IT sector. The market openings have primarily been identified, by T&P Dept. Of Aravali college across many broad sectors:

1.IT services
2. Software products
3. Cloud Computing
4. Live Projects
5. Internet of things (IOT)

These would constitute lucrative opportunities for Indian Companies. In addition to the export market, all of these segments have a domestic market component as well. NASSCOM forecasts revenues of US $87 billion and employment of two million people by the year 2022 by the Indian IT Industry. So students can opt for this technical course at Aravali College of engineering nad mamangement, Faridabad to create high caliber solution architects and innovators for software development.

The main objectives of BCA Program in Aravali college of engineering and management, Faridabad is to prepare the youth to take up positions as system analysts, system engineers, software engineers, programmers and of course as versatile teachers in any area of computer applications. Accordingly the course curriculum , the CSE dept aims at developing 'systems thinking', 'abstract thinking', Innovation and Entrepreneurship ,'skills to analyze and synthesize' and 'skills to apply knowledge through extensive problem solving sessions and hands on practice under various hardware/software environments.