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BBA Retail Management and Marketing

Retailing has developed from a number of interrelated disciplines such as economics, geography, management, economics, and marketing. Economics is useful to manage the finances of a store. The good knowledge of geography is important to make the right choice of location to open a store. Management plays an important role in managing your staff and inventory and similarly, right marketing helps you to penetrate in the market.

  • Retailers provide maximum employment At the present time, the retail world employs maximum people. As per estimation, one in nine of the workforces is employed in the retail industry. Moreover, two third of the total workforce in the retail world is women and more than half employees in retailing are part-time employees, which provides flexibility to workers to adapt to the particular needs of any employer
  • Retailing offers scope for expansion in other countries
  • Retail provides a great opportunity to expand in international markets. A retailer who wants to extend their business by selling their goods in other countries opens stores in different countries to increase the number of consumers of their products.

    However, it is not easy to expand your business as it requires a lot of paperwork and formalities to be done to be able to get clearance to take your business to other countries. The giant retailers provide various facilities such as air conditioning, parking, entertainment, kids play section, lifts, trolleys to carry goods, and food facilities, etc. and retailing through mobile phones ensures doorstep delivery on all orders placed through the website or mobile apps.

  • Retailer increases the value of the product by creating a place, time, and utility in the distribution of goods. Retailers buy products in bulk and break them in small quantities and sell them in small packs. In this way, he creates form utilities.
  • Goods manufactured in one corner of the world are consumed in other parts of the world. He buys products from manufacturers and sells them in the local market thereby creating place utility.
  • The retailer buys products in advance and places them in his store and sells them to the consumers whenever the need arises. By creating these three utility values of goods is increased. The retailer makes sure the regular production and consumption of goods.

Above all, the retailers are not only self employed by also create place for employment at National and International level. The contribute in the following ways

  • Retailing shapes the lifestyle of people
  • Retailing contributes to the economy
  • Retailing dominates the supply chain
  • Retailing is interdisciplinary
  • Retailing offers itself as an academic course.
  • Retailers have status as employers.
  • Retailers are gatekeepers within the channel of distribution.
  • Retailers have scope for expanding internationally.

Retailing & Marketing skills are required at all the levels and all the eras of business.

Here’s an overview of BBA in Retail Management & Marketing course –

Name of the course: BBA in Retail Management & Marketing

Type of course: Bachelor’s Degree course

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2 from a recognized board

Retailing deals with the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Retailing has been around the block for quite some time now in form of retail markets, shops and door to door selling.

Retailers play an important role in bridging demand and supply gap of products and services. It is the final stage of distribution of a product or service (from manufacturing to reaching the customer in the end).

Earlier, brick and mortar firms (shops and stores) and door to door sales used to be the only forms of retailing. With the rise of modern technology, E-Commerce has caught retailing by storm.

With time, retailing has evolved. Shopping malls, E-Commerce websites and other multi-channel distribution systems have made retailing sector bigger and better!

Retail management & Marketing deals with the techniques, processes and methods that helps drive greater sales and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of the consumers of goods and services produced by a company.

Retail management & Marketing needs a new generation of smart retail professionals of international calibre, and this course aims to equip such eligible candidates with skills in the best practices followed across the globe in retail.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in retail management opens up employment possibilities for graduates as retail managers, merchandisers, fashion purchasing managers, and as independent consultants for retail operations. With their educational experience, graduates can also pursue an entrepreneurial route and manage their own retail operations. Those who wish to further expand upon their educational experience can even choose to pursue a post graduate degree.

  • Overseeing a store's operations and staff.
  • Using visual design strategies to improve the sales of products.
  • Ensuring that a store operates efficiently and profitably.
  • Ensuring that the store’s employees perform adequately.
  • The store's sales and employee schedule.
  • Resolving problems cropping in the store.
  • Coordinating a store's activities.
  • Managing a single department in a store, or the entire store.
1 Course Fee 65,000.00
2 University Charges (Variable) 8,500
3 Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
1 Hostel Fee AC 75,000.00
2 Hostel Fee NON-AC 65,000.00
3 Security Fee ( Refundable) 2,000.00
1 Transport Fee As per Location
SR.NO Course Name Branch Qualification Min Percentage
1 BBA Retail management & Marketing 10+2 50%
  • Student seeking admission in any of the courses offered by the University must first register himself/herself at the Institute and can call the no's +91-8527538785
  • Candidate registered with the Institute has to fill the Admission Application Form prescribed by the Institute and has to attach the necessary testimonials in original and two photocopies each along with six passport size photographs of student.
  • The application form and the necessary documents will then be processed by the Institute and sent to the University for admission. Candidate is required to submit the application form along with the documents before the 15 august of every year
  • Student should carefully check their eligibility of their qualifications while taking admission in a particular course of the University. In case of non-eligibility Institute will not be responsible for the cancellation of admission and fees will not be refunded.
  • The admission to B.Tech (Four Year Programme) for the session 2020-21, shall be done by Haryana State Technical Education Society (HSBTE) through online off campus counseling. Eligibility is as per HSTES rules.