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Application of matrices in Engineering science

A matrix is the most important part of engineering mathematics which is applied in our daily life. Matrices find many applications in scientific field as well as in real life situation. Matrix is applied in the study of electrical circuits, quantum mechanics, optics, calculation of battery power outputs, resistor conversion of electrical energy into another useful energy.

Matrices also play a vital role in the projection of three dimensional images into two dimensional screens. Now a days matrix is used in the ranking of web pages in Google search. It can also be used in generalization of analytical motion like experimental & derivatives to their high dimensional. The most important usage of matrices in computer application is to encode, decode and send secret messages. Matrices are also used in geology for seismic survey, plotting graphs and robotics. In chemical engineering, problems are represented in terms of linear equation and solved by matrix method. Thus, matrices play a vital role in engineering science and are useful in solving scientific and real life problems.