Which is the best branch of engineering at present time

Ask any student taking a B.tech admission in any of the top engineering colleges in Delhi/NCR to know which stream/branch of engineering is he/she going to opt for and the answer is mostly Computer Science Engineering.

This is mostly because computers are everywhere! Technology is one of the most evolving and rapidly progressing industries in the world as of today. The key driver of this industry has been human being’s increasing dependency on Computers and digital intelligence to bring about a revolutionary change in how we drive our cars, use our gadgets, build our homes and societies as well as deal with humongous amounts of data and information.

It is usually demand that drives growth. Even though Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering were often considered as the mother of Engineering however they have not been able to match the pace of growth in the Computer Science and Engineering specialization as more and more students from Delhi/NCR have started to show interest and aptitude towards taking admission in this field.

Also, big companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are pumping in millions and billions of dollars to fund projects in Universities and Colleges

Most of the Industry driven projects in better-known colleges and Universities like Aravali College Faridabad, B.L Munjal, Sharda University, Amity University, etc are seeing better opportunities in the branch of Computer Science Engineering.

Computer Science & Engineering

Software and Hardware Engineering includes study, innovative work identified with design, the executives and arrangement of Information Systems and Applications, which plan to oversee or use both programming and equipment frameworks. Being a Computer Science Engineer, one can choose a great profession in System Development, Telecommunication Industry, Database Administration, Application Development, Hardware Research and Development, Multimedia Applications Development and a lot more headings.

As you know, a profession in the Information Technology segment is viewed as lucrative as well as lofty and is brimming with circumstances. As indicated by NASSCOM figures, Indian IT sends out are relied upon to hit the US $ 175 billion by 2020 subsequently there are enormous necessities for prepared programming/IT engineers. As the IT part is very expansive as far as business openings, applicants keen on programming and coding fill in as programming engineers and the individuals who incline toward systems administration and framework organization can work as equipment engineers.

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