BCA Admission – A right choice or Not!

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is a 3 year or 6-semester undergraduate degree program that is suited to the candidates who want to establish a career in I.T and Computer Science. A BCA degree is considered almost symmetrical to that of B.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology.


A BCA graduate has a wide variety of options for getting a job as a computer programmer, computer scientist, chief information, computer systems, database administration, system administrator, software developer, etc. There are many best BCA colleges in Delhi/NCR from where one can pursue BCA, best of the colleges/universities among them are:

1. Aravali College Of Engineering & Management, Faridabad
2. Institute of Management Studies, Noida
3. Indraprastha Institute of Technology and Management, New Delhi
4. Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi
5. Sharda University, Greater Noida

After BCA pursuing Masters from the respective fields is a correct decision in order to provide a sharpened edge to your career. There are different Masters program which can be opted after completion of BCA some of them are:

  • MCA Masters of Computer Application
  • MIM Masters in Information Management
  • ISM Information Security Management
  • MCM Masters in Computer Management

Among all these MCA is the program that is widely chosen by candidates. MCA polishes out the professionals to meet the complex demand of the IT industry. MCA distinguishes a person by making him/her a specialist in one of the areas covered in BCA thus proving a more promising edge for career growth.

A BCA graduate is not only suited for JOBs and higher learning but with proper skills and mindset, a BCA graduate can be an Entrepreneur also. With multiple skills learned during BCA, a professional can operate as an Independent consultant or can run a firm that can make a considerable profit or can provide problem-solving ideas that will contribute to society.


There are several govt. jobs that are exclusively relevant for BCA graduates or candidates with similar type graduation such as B.tech in Computer Science or Information Technology. Different govt. Sectors such as Banks, Railways, etc. do have vacancies for BCA professionals.

So, if you are thinking about getting enrolled for BCA you should. But ultimately whatever your professional goal is will be achieved if you have the sound knowledge of your field. Hence, you should focus on studying and understanding the field to maximum depth possible.

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