Retail Management and Marketing

It has been that the current trend in the Industry demands professionals to carry a qualification which has given them specialized knowledge on a particular domain/field as opposed to those who carry a generic understanding of all domains.

BBA with a specialization is treated as a terminal degree that prepares an individual to launch his/her career in management. A sector-specific degree is more valuable as there is an increasing demand for more industry-specific and focused employees who can prove to be an asset to the organization in the short as well as long run.

A BBA degree course in retail management is more helpful and rewarding for students since it gives them the option to work with top brands in retail and merchandising at a very young age and thereby provides them with domain expertise which is extremely essential to build a reputation in this sector.


Choosing a BBA in Retail Management over a BBA Course:

Entrepreneurial Skills — it can be observed that students who complete a BBA in Retail Management are confident and motivated to start their work in the Retail sector. Since they are already exposed to every facet of the Retail Industry, they are in a position to start their own business and scale up their operations systematically over a considerable period. On the contrary, a generic BBA degree would not be able to help someone in starting their venture as they would lack expertise in any specific field hence their knowledge as well as entrepreneurial skills would be very poor and in-effective.

Career Path — a BBA in Retail Management has an extremely well-defined career path for a youngster. It may start from a Jr. Retail Executive, Trade Sales Executive, or CRE and rise up to Manager and Zonal Head positions steadily. However, a BBA degree mostly leaves a student at the mercy of his/her employer to decide his role which does not give any empowerment to the BBA degree holder.


Remuneration Packages — since the Retail sector is and will continue to witness steady growth over the next few decades, its compensation packages will continue to have an upward trend. However, a BBA degree leaves an extremely vague picture of what might be the compensation that may be paid to an individual and it may also be unable to pay an individual as per his capabilities and merit at times.

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