A Career in Business Management – Career Guidance after BBA

Do you want a degree from the Best BBA College in Faridabad?

BBA offers a lot of career opportunities after graduation. BBA aids to provide Management, Analytical and Strategic skills which makes a professional distinguished and more profound. There are many Colleges in Faridabad which provide BBA courses. Aravali College of Engineering and Management ranks among the top of the list. Although there are many branches the core branches of BBA are Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources.

Having a job is an option but, with more salary is a better option. After BBA, MBA is the one the most correct decision that can be taken in order to get a better career growth as MBA polishes the best of the professional attributes of a candidate.

There are several esteemed and reputed job profiles available to an MBA professional a few among these are:

1. Finance Manager – The roles of a finance manager are as clear as the name of the designation i.e. management of the financial resources of a firm. A finance manager plays an important role in budget planning, money monitoring, and strategy development for financial risk reduction.

2. Human Resource Manager – H.R Manager commonly called H.R has a wide range of roles and responsibilities related to direction and coordination of human resource activities. H.R plays a crucial role in the recruitment of an employee or any workforce.

3. Research and Development Manager – The key role of the Research and Development Manager is to plan and implement new programs and protocols which lead to the development of new products and strategies for the organization.

4. Marketing Manager – A marketing manager monitors the development of running marketing campaigns and also evaluates the effectiveness of previous campaigns. In other words, it can be conveyed that the key role of a Marketing Manager is to maximize the marketing parameters for an organization.

The BBA professional can be employed in several job sectors some of the polished areas among these are:

  1. Banks
  2. Marketing Organizations
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Business Consultancies
  5. Multinational Corporations
  6. Export Companies
  7. Financial Organizations

Due to a heavy load of the competition in any field, a candidate must have a sound understanding and knowledge of the field in which he wants to build his/ her career. Thus, a degree can provide an edge to your career but, ultimately it will be your merit and dedication which will lead to your professional growth.

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