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The usual reasons for doing an MBA in Best MBA College in Delhi NCR these days:

1.It earns you more money

2.It gives you a promotion in your job

3. To launch a progressive career

4. To make a shift in career, if you already are an experienced professional

5. To nurture an innovative outlook

6. To network with the best in the market

7. To add a brand value to yourself

8. To enhance personal growth

9. To start a business/ start-up/ turn entrepreneur

10.To move to another location


1. Increased Self-Confidence

2. Credibility

3. Transferable Skills

4. Curiosity

5. Strategic Thinking

6. Better Communication

7. Self-Discipline

8. Better Time Management

9. Broader Worldview

10. Network of Colleagues


Students must have complete knowledge of job opportunities available after MBA in India. Based on that, career interest will have to be nurtured. Business planning, consulting, client relations, resources or system analysis are expected to be a part of the job profile. However, let us take a more specific view of the job opportunities available after MBA in Delhi NCR: -

Banking and Finance:

The Banking and Finance domain includes portfolio management and security & investment analysis. MBA graduates can find jobs in banks, insurance companies, security firms and various financial organizations. Some of the top companies that offer jobs in this domain are Barclays, RBS, Nomura, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc.

As far as the banks are concerned, jobs are available in both public and private sector banks. For getting jobs in public sector banks, students need to clear the recruitment exam conducted by the respective banks. For jobs in private banks, students need to take part in the selection process conducted by banks that involve Group Discussion, Personal Interview, and Written Ability Test etc.

Investment Banking:

Jobs in the investment banking area have high demand in the market. Some of the top companies that hire suitable candidates for this role are Bank of American Continuum, Motilal Oswal, SBI Capital Markets etc, The responsibility of the employee in this field is to connect investors to fund-needing organizations.

Management Consulting:

Jobs in management consulting are most suitable for those who are good at problem solving. The responsibility of the professionals in management consulting is to solve organizational issues. He/she is also responsible for embracing fresh ideas and new problem-solving methods.
Some of the popular companies that hire MBA graduates as management consultants are Cartesian Consulting, People Strong, Deloitte, Michael Page, Infosys Management Consulting, PwC, KPMG, BCC (Bain) and Cognizant Business Consulting.


Nowadays, entrepreneurship has turned out to be the most favorite option among the MBA graduates. MBA enhances the capability of the students to become an entrepreneur. Experience does not matter here. Students need creative and innovative skills to excel in this career.

Data Analytics:

Due to the digital revolution, big data has become significant for all types of business such as e-commerce, retail, banking and management. Many popular B-Schools have started offering data analytics course in MBA. Popular companies such as Latent View Analysis, Fractal Analytics etc, hire MBA graduates as data analysts or data scientists.

Private Equity:

Similar to investment banking, the investment acumen of a person comes into action in a job profile associated with private equity. Job opportunities in this domain are wide and some of the popular companies that recruit MBA graduates for job roles in private equity are Fullerton, Fidelity Investments, Axis Securities, JP Morgan Chase, Kotak Wealth Management, Bajaj Finserv, ICIC Prudential Asset Management, Indiabulls Housing Finance etc.

Salary Offered to MBA Graduates in India:

The complete details pertaining to minimum, average and highest salary offered to MBA graduates in India: -

Job Profile/Role Minimum Salary Per Annum Average Salary Per Annum Maximum Salary Per Annum
Operations Manager Rs. 3,89,000 Rs. 7,97,786 Rs. 10,60,000
Senior Business Analyst Rs. 4,76,000 Rs. 9,44,493 Rs. 11,70,000
Human Resource Generalist Rs. 1,59,000 Rs. 2,94,138 Rs. 6,78,000
Marketing Manager Rs. 2,98,000 Rs. 7,56,522 Rs. 11,90,000
Business Development Manager Rs. 2,59,000 Rs. 6,01,423 Rs. 11,40,000
Human Resources Manager Rs. 3,19,000 Rs. 7,38,960 Rs. 11,70,000
Business Development Executive Rs. 181,000 Rs. 3,18,081 Rs. 5,93,000
Project Manager (IT) Rs. 5,01,000 Rs. 12,38,000 Rs. 20,00,000
Assistant human Resources Manager Rs. 2,92,000 Rs. 5,31,567 Rs. 9,42,000
Relationship Manager Rs. 2,03,000 Rs. 4,24,954 Rs. 9,59,000
Marketing Executive Rs. 1,67,000 Rs. 3,05,043 Rs. 5,54,000
Business Analyst (IT) Rs. 3,02,000 Rs. 5,96,465 Rs. 11,00,000
Area Sales Manager Rs. 4,07,000 Rs. 7,81,611 Rs. 11,40,000
Senior Sales Executive Rs. 2,20,000 Rs. 3,99,836 Rs. 7,22,000