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Bachelors of Computer Application

BCA @ Aravali College of Engineering and Management, Faridabad

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees within the field of Information Technology amongst young higher secondary graduates. In the fast digitizing world, it is no surprise that higher secondary graduates find themselves drawn towards undergraduate degrees in the field of Information Technology.

It is one of the fastest-growing and highest-paying industries with the market demand for computer experts increasing steadily. Therefore, if you are looking for an undergraduate degree that will secure fulfilling, high paying and fast-growing careers, BCA is definitely a course for you to consider.

BCA is a bachelors level course that focuses on computer sciences and computer applications. This degree provides technical training in the field of computer applications and software development.


One can equate this to the B.Tech /B.E. in Computer Science, however, unlike its engineering counterpart, BCA runs for a duration of 3 years as opposed to the standard 4-year engineering degree. Therefore, this degree provides good employment opportunities while being of less duration.

Sitting proudly amidst the lush green fields in Greater Faridabad, not so far from the National Capital, is this Top BCA college in Faridabad, Aravali College of Engineering and Management offering BCA course to aspirants who wish to excel in the field of Information Technology. Established in the year 2008 the college has faculty with vast experience, who with their relentless hard work carve out the best ambassadors of Information Technology.

Duration of BCA course at Aravali College of Engineering & Management:

BCA course runs for a duration of 3 years with each year comprising of 2 semesters, therefore a BCA graduate engages in 6 semesters of full-time study.

Specializations in BCA:

BCA in itself is a far more focused course than commerce or arts degree in the sense that the degree is designed to train students in a very specific discipline. Therefore, unlike commerce or arts-based undergraduate degrees, the number of specializations available within the BCA course is fairly limited. Some of the specializations offered in the BCA course are:

1. General
2. Computer Graphics
3. Programming Languages
4. Database Management and Database Systems
5. System Analysis
6. Word Processing
7. Internet Technologies
8. Accounting Applications
9. Animation/ Visual Effects
10. Music and Video Processing
11. Personal Information Management
12. Cloud Technology
13.Information Security
14. Mobile Application

In Aravali College, the demand for BCA course has increased exponentially because it provides a platform to the students to develop their technical skills.

Some of the most common programming languages and applications that are taught during the 6 semesters include SQL, HML, C++, Java, DBMS, etc. Doing BCA may turn out fruitful as most fields are covered in this course.

Upon completion of the course, one can opt for a postgraduate diploma or certificate course in any of the above specializations in order to sharpen their skills and gain in-depth knowledge.


The field of IT is such that there are new developments coming up constantly. Therefore, the BCA course from Best BCA College in Delhi NCR, not only prepares candidates to use the current technology but also provides them with the necessary research and analytical skills so that they can update themselves as new developments come up.

Scope for BCA grad from Aravali College of Engineering & Management:

In todays world, every organization, every industry has adopted computer applications in order to make their everyday operations as smooth and efficient as possible. Different types of computer applications are used in different industries, thus the type of job that a graduate of the BCA course from Top BCA College in Delhi NCR can secure depends on their field of specialization. Currently, the graduates from Aravali College are employed with organizations in the following fields:

1.Information Technology and ITES companies
2.Software as a Service-based companies
3.Software Development Firms
4.Manufacturing Industries
5.Automobile Industry
7.Multimedia Companies
8.Travel Agencies (Internet-based)

Why Pursue BCA?

BCA can also act as a stepping stone to higher education in the field. BCA graduates can opt for a postgraduate diploma or certificate course in any specific computer application in order to make themselves specialized.


Graduates can also do MCA in order to sharpen their skills and gain in-depth knowledge in their field of specialization.

M.Sc courses in computer science can lead the way into the world of research and academics. BCA graduates can also opt to do an MBA in order to make themselves more competitive in the corporate world.

Career opportunities for grads after completion of BCA from Aravali College of Engineering & Management:

The biggest advantage of doing a BCA course is that it inculcates highly employable skills with regards to the current structure of the market. The faculty at Aravali College ensures to develop not only good learners but make the Grads industry ready and employable for various reputed organizations. The BCA graduates from Aravali College find relevance under the following roles:

2.App Developer
3.Bank Operations
4.Computer Systems Analyst
5.E-Commerce Executive
6.IT Project Manager
7.Multimedia Developer
8.Online Inventory Management
9.Online Marketing Executive
11.Quality Assurance Engineer
12.Search Engine Marketing Executive
13.Security Architect
14.Server Administrator
15.Server Monitoring
16.Software Developer
18.System Analyst
19.Technical Support
20.Test Engineer
21.Web Developer

Companies you can work in after completion of BCA from Aravali College of Engineering & Management:
Currently, BCA graduates are being employed by IT giants, government sectors, banks, and start-ups. 1.Tata Consultancy Services
4.Larson and Turbo
9.Tech Mahindra

If you are looking for a technical course that can make you highly employable, or you are looking to gain the necessary computer expertise to start your own internet-based start-up, BCA at Aravali College of Engineering and Management, Faridabad is an ideal course for the tech-savvy young people.